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Program 2013
01. Diana Ramaekers
Urban Paradise - The Day After
NRE terrein
Flickering sensuous violet neon letters spell out the words ‘Urban Paradise’. You can see the words glimmer for miles around. But as you draw closer, you’ll discover there is no Eldorado to be found. Diana Ramaekers presents us with an apocalyptic scene reminiscent of a city annihilated by a natural disaster or a war. Images of bombings, wars and violent shootings crowd in on the spectator. Members of the public are invited to restore peace to the city using a control panel. But our attempts only seem to make the carnage worse: menacing thunder clouds darken the floor and ceiling, geysers spew columns of water from ruined buildings and blistering fire scorches architectural remains. Despite the horror of the scene, it possesses a strange kind of beauty. The notion of death and destruction, war and decay is at odds with the enthralling colours of the burned landscape and the display of majestic, primal forces of nature.
Adopted by: Zicht adviseurs